The Most Beautiful Locations for Your Perfect Destination Wedding

The Most Beautiful Locations for Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Choosing to have a destination wedding is a fun and exciting decision, and one that will give you memories for life. It can be quite invigorating to dream about your perfect wedding. But sometimes planning can be overwhelming, simply owing to the sheer number of choices that you have, starting from the opening question of “where?” To help you get started and ultimately decide where you’d like to get married based on climate, time-of-year, and overall vibe and feel, here are some of the best locations to have your wedding in:

Marrakech, Morocco

The gorgeous city of Marrakech is the hub of rich history and culture, and is a fascinating blend of the old and the new–there is a distinctive historical feel by day, and a luxurious city feel by night. Marrakech is a wonderful marriage of the then and the now, thus making it an ideal and very versatile wedding destination. Venue options are plenty, and based on the vibe you’d like to go for, you can choose to have your wedding at Marrakech’s beautiful local hotels; you can rent out private villas; you can even get married at a palace! Although Marrakech is typically a luxury destination, you will have no problems finding options at any price point. Locals here are very welcoming, and you are guaranteed to have a warm and fulfilling ceremony that you will cherish for life.

Santorini, Greece

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the breathtaking island of Santorini is the place to have a perfect Pinterest wedding. The island is all about gorgeous pastels and has a simple, timeless feel. The best time to get married here is between May and September. It is typically hot during the day in the summer, and thus a wonderful option is to have an iconic Santorini sunset wedding, as the temperatures will be much cooler. You can choose to say your vows at lavish hotels or more typical wedding venues, but the options never run out in Santorini. You can also have your wedding at the beach, on a cliff, in a winery, at a church, or in one of the many beautiful Greek villages to give a more local feel to your special day.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly famous for its incredible scenic views and delicious, authentic Italian cuisine (especially Amalfi’s iconic pizza!). The coastline runs from Salerno to Sorrento, with villages sprinkled along the hillsides. A wedding here is bound to be picture-perfect, and people tend to spend generously on photography and videography when getting married here. The climate is pleasant and sunny year-round, with no extreme weather conditions. There are also many amazing wedding entertainment options to choose from, such as inviting local ceramic artists, musicians, and other performance artists to add even more of an Italian flavor to your event. Wedding venues on the Coast, however, rarely host more than 150 people, so Amalfi is perfect for more intimate ceremonies.

Hawaii, the United States

Hawaii is a much-loved choice for a destination wedding, and very deservingly so! The weather is great all year round, and people dream of having their weddings on Hawaii’s magical beaches. Beaches here, however, are always busy, and if you’d like your wedding to be in a more private space, consider renting an estate, or getting married at a chapel. Of course, Hawaii’s many hotels and resorts are always an option too. Hawaiian hospitality is world-renowned, and to make your special day even more special, adding wedding activities such as catamaran rides along the coast and learning how to make an authentic floral head lei to your list is a must.

Paris, France

One simply cannot leave the ‘city of love’ out of this list! The weather here is perfect all year, so you can have your dream summer Paris wedding, an ethereal winter Paris wedding, or a colorful spring Paris wedding–the options are endless! The city offers an array of gorgeous sights, incredible fashion, and delectable cuisine to add to the experience of your special day in Paris. Paris is especially perfect for small, intimate ceremonies and to make your day truly unique, you can have your wedding at one of the city’s many museums, rent a private yacht, or even at a dreamy Parisian castle. But as you would expect, Paris is a very busy wedding destination, and thus it is best to make your bookings a year or two in advance, if possible.


Replete with sandy beaches and surrounded by the crystal clear South Pacific Ocean, the perennially warm Fiji is the quintessential destination for a wedding by the sea. It is the perfect blend of luxury and tradition: you can get married on a private stretch of island in a luxury resort, many of which are secluded; or you can say ‘I do’ in a completely natural setting, surrounded by the lush Fijian jungle and pearly waterfalls. To add a little more ‘Fiji’ to your ceremony, you can opt to hire traditional Fijian choirs to sing at your wedding. The best time to go is April as rates will be cheaper and Fiji will be much less crowded, and you will also successfully avoid the peak season that runs from June to October.

Barcelona, Spain

The Mediterranean capital of Barcelona offers a one-of-its-kind experience, especially if you plan to get married there. The city is a beautiful union of the modern and the antique, and gives you an unmatched gastronomical experience, limitless cultural attractions, and breathtaking architecture with medieval streets and modern buildings. Barcelona is a refreshing, dynamic city and is perfect for the cosmopolitan wedding of your dreams. Venue options are diverse, and you can pick from urban locations, country houses, vineyards, and of course, a perfect wedding ceremony by the sea.