The Good and the Bad in Hiring a Travel Agent

The Good and the Bad in Hiring a Travel Agent

Travel agents can seem like a blessing in your work life. While you are trying to plan out your vacation, doing almost all the work yourself might be exhausting and time-consuming. The thing is, there’s a bit of a catch: booking with an agent is more expensive, they could also be unhelpful in this instance. This blog post will break down what works for you when working with an agent – would you be willing to compromise?

Pros to Hiring a Travel Agent

1. One of the benefits of hiring a travel agent is that they can help you plan your trips with ease. There are many different types of trips that a travel agent can help you take, so finding the right one for your needs is important.

2. Additionally, a travel agent can act as your personal shopping concierge, helping you find the best deals on flights and accommodations. They can also help you make new friends along the way and explore new cultures.

3. You get placed with someone who understands travel, is a professional writer, understands how budgets work, and can figure out other things that you/your posse needs when planning your trip.

4. They can stay on top of things like changes in schedules, airline prices, etc. They can do all of this at NO additional cost to you. The more prestige or money the client has, the best they get because this will smooth out your booking

5. They know where to check out the deals, fly through and stay at that cool hotel or club on the plane.

6. They can very possibly find better hotels at more reasonable rates than what you are seeing elsewhere on the net. Their experience to negotiate also helps because they know and ask questions so they get discounted rates.

Cons to Hiring a Travel Agent

1. You’ll likely have to go through a lot of vendors in order to find the best one for you.
2. They may not have the best deals, or know about the best deals.
3. They may not be up on all the new amenities or destinations.

The major con to hiring a travel agent is that you are basically outsourcing your planning and organizing. This can lead to a lot of frustration if something goes wrong, as the travel agent likely won’t be able to help you out as much as you would like. You’ll also have to pay the travel agent for their services, which could add up if you’re booking a lot of trips. Additionally, many travel agents are not licensed to provide insurance or other necessary services. Finally, it’s important to remember that a good travel agent is someone who knows a lot about the travel industry and can give you great advice – don’t expect them to do everything for you.

What You Need To Look For When Hiring a Personal Assistant

1. Fees. Travel agents typically charge a commission for their services, so be sure to find out what this fee is before you hire them. Additionally, be sure to inquire about any travel insurance that the agent may recommend.

2. Knowledge. Always ask your travel agent if he or she has experience with the destination you’re interested in visiting. This will ensure that your trip goes as planned and you don’t get stuck with a difficult itinerary or inconvenient transportation options.

3. Recommendations. Ask your agent for referrals of other travelers who have recently visited the destination you’re interested in and enjoyed their experience. This will help you choose an itinerary that accurately reflects what you’re looking for – without having to spend hours researching on your own.

4. Personalized service. Make sure that your travel agent is accessible via email, phone or Skype – especially if you need advice or assistance during the booking process (which is likely). A licensed travel agent is required to meet with you face-to-face at least once – so that you can ask complicated, burning questions without worrying about access to their phone or laptop. The travel agent should also have connections with other agents and local guides, so they can help in case there are difficulties getting the services/activities you want.

5. Price comparison. Travel agents remain one of the few reliable sources of price alerts when a flight or hotel block becomes available. Compare prices across sellers before making a booking decision. If a particular vendor organizes group tours like Groupon and Agoda, let them know which sites to monitor in order, as some deals may be better than others.


Hiring a travel agent can be a great way to save money on your travels and get personalized help with everything from booking flights to making hotel reservations. However, there are also some things to keep in mind when hiring one, as outlined in this article. By being aware of both the good and the bad of using a travel agent, you can make an informed choice that meets your needs while minimizing potential risks.